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 As you play through the game you will start to unlock a whole heap of cards - but which ones do you think you should be concentrating on leveling up from those available in the first three arenas.

We'll stick to the ones which are discoverable in the first three arenas and the ones which you are allowed to ask for once you have joined a clan.


Ok here goes...


5) Knight


At 3 Elixir this bad boy is a killer card to upgrade, he is cheap, powerful and does some mighty damage. Only drawback is that there is only one of him and he's a tad slow. Even though I'm well over 2,000 trophies now, the Knight has been and still is an essential card that I use in most decks. When levelled up to 9 or 10 he really comes into his own against Barbarians and the like and even with very little HP left will sometimes manage a few hits on a tower


4) Musketeer




She's another tough cookie that does well against both land and air based opponents, her shots can be a bit slow but she is very powerful, if she can get through to the tower and get off a few shots so does some serious damage there too.


3) Spear Goblins




These are super cheap at only 2 elixir but provide a good attack to both land and air based cards. They are weak and easily taken out by arrows, but can be useful against the Prince that will have to stop to kill them as well as being really cool to put behind stronger cards like the knight or giant to form a pwerful combo, with the strong card protecting the distance based attackers


2) Barbarians




Our fantastic all-purpose multi-man attack unit! These guys cause serious damage against towers and and really great at stopping hogs, princes and giants, level up these bad boys as early as you can to make a formidable force against any land based card.


1) Giant




The Giant is a great card to use in most decks, he is super strong but also super slow and heads straight for buildings, ignoring troops. A well levelled giant will stand you in good stead not just for the early levels but throughout the game.

Obviously in the early stages of the game you are going to want to level up literally every card initially a couple of levels, just as it helps to upgrade your towers, but sooner or later you'll need to save your coins and concentrate on who you think your team should consist of going forward. We'll have more tips on this in a separate article.

One essential tip for levelling cards is to join a good clan as soon as possible. We'll have another article which gives some great suggestions on finding the best clan for you shortly. Check back here soon for the link.

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