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Mini Electric Kids Motorbike For Sale 2018

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This is a super value Kids Motorbike! Boys or girls aged 3+ years will love this quality Kids Motorbike, in the style of a strong design. Equipped with big seats, Kids Motorbike also suit Adults. Powered by powerful motors and controlled by handle , Kids Motorbike can achieve super riding game. With music, this fun and unique model makes an ideal outdoor toy. Kids Motorbike will give up to children hour-after-hour of fun!


Mini Electric Kids Motorbike For Sale


2.Net weight:50kgs            

3.working time:5-6Hours                                        

4.Charging time:8-10H

5.Battery:2pcs 24V 20A                                 

6.Bearing: 100kgs



9:Electronic Brake 
















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