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Trading Assurance Children Boat Swimming Pool Boat Paddle

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Trading Assurance Children Boat Swimming Pool Boat Paddle

You can choose different types of hand boat according to age, The specific parameters, please consult customer service.


Production display:





Use good:

  Hand paddle boat experience health, safety science and technology.Cutting-edge technology to the technical implementation of a more perfect entertainment effect, at the same time can exercise the child's hand, and brain coordination ability, make the child guts, its unique safety is the first choice for all parents and children.


    All material and accessory suppliers had checked by our purchasing department, they all have corresponding certificate and reached environmental protecting standard


Advantage about our paddler boat:  

   1. This product adopts high impact,high desity, engineering plastic material.

   2. Advanced patent hydrodynamic impeller design, Applying pressure with the minimum of maximum speed, Both forward and backward, steering is very flexible, Operate freely.

   3. Lightweight design, tear open outfit, easy to carry.

   4. The various parts of the hull fittings durable, not ordinary PVC blowing hull can match.

   5. There are different forms of color change to choose from.




 The main products:Rqua paddler boat(Adult Kids Economy Mini),Bumper boat,Laser bumper car,Pedal boats,Water wheel,UFO bumper car,Medium bumper car,Animal drift car, kids car,inflatable funny car,Rmusement excavator,Happy car,Track train,Tour train ,etc.


   If have you like model or have any Suggestions about our products ,Welcome to contact us, your opinion is our motivation


Customers with us:




   1. Customer can see all productions making workflows when they visit our factory.


   2.We know that Only Best Material Presents Our Product Quality.



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