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zhengzhou flystar Amusement Park Rides for Sale

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There are many kinds of classific amusement park rides for sale in Beston, they are vintage, antique, but not old. They just classic and has been the most popular rides in the amusement parks, almost each of amusement parks, theme parks, funfair, fairground sites will purchase some of vintage amusement park rides for sale when starting them amusement rides business. For example, carousel rides, bumper cars, pirate ship rides, trackless and track train rides, roller coasters, swing rides, samba balloon rides, Ferris wheels and so on.

Indoor park rides Elephant Electric mini park train for kidsIndoor park rides Elephant Electric mini park train for kids


They are the most traditional rides which enduring for a long time in this amusement rides industry. They are enduring but they also changing with the development of technology. Amusement rides manufacturers has designed lots of model popular rides. They are attractive, but classic is classic, vintage appearance amusement park rides still exist, modern shape emerge in endlessly.

Which Kinds of Amusement Rides Will You Find in The Vintage Amusement/Theme Park:

First of all, ferris wheel is the most traditional, vintage amusement park fairground ride. It is a landmark and a remarkable instruction. It is a must in the large amusement park, almost each of the park in the city will install one. These ferris wheels are varies in height, they could be decorated with different decorations.

Second, vintage amusement park train rides is a popular ride in the vintage amusement theme parks. Long long ago, early amusement park train rides are fueled with diesel, these diesel trains just looks like the real train for travelling, but gradually, the train improves by the amusement rides manufacturers. There appears trackless train, electric trains. These train could be used for different occasions, amusement parks, theme parks, squares, shopping centers, tourist attraction and so on. These vintage trains become more and more popular among kids. They are so attractive in the park and real useful as a travel tool.

Third, bumper cars also belongs the vintage amusement park rides, the most vintage bumper cars was invented by Victor Levand many years ago. Some of them are motorized which others are electric powered, some of them are ceiling grid which others are ground grid, some of them are fiberglass while others are inflatables. Vintage bumper cars keeps its high popularity because of its low investment and variety of appearance.

Last but not least, vintage carousel rides is also the vintage rides in parks, history of  vintage carousel rides could be traced back to the 17th, it is also a traditional rides for theme parks. Vintage appearance will provide people some cherish memories and different feelings.

These four vintage rides are the most popular four amusement rides in the vintage amusement parks and modern amusement parks. Some people like the vintage appearance rides while other likes the modern look rides. No matter which one which you choose, Beston will supply you, only thing you should do is tell us before the order or send us pictures, CAD drawings of the fairground rides you need.

Vintage Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Beston Workshop

We have have many different types of vintage amusement rides on sale in our factory which is suitable for many different places. Here is the classifications of our vintage amusement rides:

Vintage Carnival Rides for Sale

Vintage carnival rides, which is popular used in the large carnivals and equipped with vintage appearance. Most of mobile, small and large vintage rides are all belongs to the carnival rides.

Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Beston supply trackless train and track trains with vintage appearance. Trackless trains for sale contains the ocean theme trackless train, ordinary trackless trains, wooden trackless trains for tourist in the amusement park, elephant diesel and electric trackless trains and other tourist trains. Track trains for kids contains elephant track train, animals track train and other customized track trains. Common trains will include 3 coaches and one locomotive. But you can customize the coaches according to your requirement.

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