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Game of War - Fire Age Gold Bonus (USD 49.99 sale pack)

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Important Note:. buy 10 packs,extra 1 packs.

1. Requirments: Please fill in your Correct Account,Password and Character name and Pin Code(if have) and Pack Name(if want choose) to guarantee quick delivery.

2: How to work: We need to log in game with your correct information and then use our iTunes account to complete purchase for you.

3. ETA: 1-24 Hours.

4.Please be sure to use the certification PayPal payment,Please do not use credit card payment, thank you, otherwise it would not refundable and non-delivery

Customer Reviews
  • Marcy...:
    Very good seller, will come back next time!
  • Liam...:
    Received all gems, very fast transaction and good customer service. thanks!! will buy again
  • Atala...:
    Thanks a lot for ur fast service I will order today
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